Make the Signing Friends part of YOUR Makaton journey!

Want to enjoy stories and signing with your child? Are you stuck not knowing all the signs you need? Let Poppy, Lola, Jack and Zack help you with this brand-new series of illustrated books.

QR Code with Instructional Video

Each Signing Friends book has a QR code inside to take you to a simple signed video demonstrating all the Makaton signs for the story.

The videos are aimed at giving YOU the signing confidence to read & sign the books with your child. As the adult, you can pre-learn the signs from the books with our easy-to-follow videos. You’ll then be equipped to share these stories with your child and have fun learning Makaton together!

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Where can I buy these?

The Signing Friends books are available to order from the from the Singing Hands online shop. More titles will be added to the collection from July 2023 so follow our socials for updates.

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About the Author / Illustrator

The Signing Friends series is written by Suzanne Miell-Ingram MBE and Tracy Upton MBE – Makaton Tutors, Patrons of the Makaton Charity, Co-founders of Singing Hands and SEN parents. The books are illustrated and designed by award-winning designer Sarah-Leigh Wills of Happydesigner. The series is produced in association with The Makaton Charity.